Galileo is a tool that can spy all kinds of mobile devices

Comment by Anonymous user 7 years ago
In 2013, the number of malware for Android phones has reached its peak Read Full Discussion
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Galileo is a tool that can spy all kinds of mobile devices

7 years ago | 49935 Views

Hackers from Italy said that they could hack any smartphone.

There is a tool in the software market, that can spy the owners of devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, as well as Mac and PC. Italian hackers from Hacking Team reported about the release of Galileo.

Hackers from Italy, known as Hacking Team, announced the release of the program, which is capable to hack any smartphone running iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. In addition, the developers claim that the tool is able to hack computers running Windows and OS X. 

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Anonymous user 7 years
In other news, scientists have determined that Hacking Team is FOS.
Anonymous user 7 years
Any chance of anybody who can remove a negative google link
Anonymous user 7 years
Conclusion - To use Modern Malware Protection Software
Anonymous user 7 years
In 2013, the number of malware for Android phones has reached its peak
Anonymous user 6 years
Anonymous user 5 years
Hacking Team is infamous in security circles for injecting targeted malware into YouTube and Microsoft’s Live services.
SecNews 5 years
Hacking Team Remote malware used by 21 Governments
Anonymous user 5 years
Hacking Team says its tools enable investigators to obtain information even if targets encrypt their communications to protect them. 5th July 2015, this Italian cyber security firm has itself become the victim of a hacking attack.
Anonymous user 5 years
Earlier this week several vulnerabilities were disclosed as part of the leak of information from the Italian company Hacking Team. TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog noted that this exploit is now in use by various exploit kits. However, feedback provided by the Smart Protection Network also indicates that this exploit was also used in limited attacks in Korea and Japan.
ITnews 5 years
After two Adobe Flash player zero-days disclosed in a row from the leaked data of Hacking Team, security researchers from FireEye and TrendMicro has been discovered two new zero-day vulnerabilities.
Anonymous user 5 years
Fake News App in Hacking Team Dump Designed to Bypass Google Play. Trend Micro researchers found a sample of a fake news app that appears to be designed to circumvent filtering in Google Play.
Anonymous user 5 years
Previous analysis of the leaks had sold its Galileo Remote Control System to KVANT, a Russian state-owned military research and development organisation that works with the FSB.
Anonymous user 5 years
There are lots of ways that government spies can attack your computer, but a U.S. drone company is scheming to offer them one more. Boeing subsidiary Insitu would like to be able to deliver spyware via drone.
Sergey 5 years
Italian prosecutors have begun a criminal investigation of six former employees of the embattled company Hacking Team, according to a Reuters'. The police allegedly suspect the involvement of former company insiders.
SecNews 5 years
At least three zero-day exploits have been uncovered so far among the trove of data leaked by the attacker who breached Hacking Team. Hacking Team buys zero-day exploits in order to install its spyware, known as RCS, on targeted systems.
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