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Hacking Team Used Spammer Tricks

8 years ago | 15456 Views

Hacking Team is in the business of selling exploits that allow clients to secretly deploy spyware on targeted systems.

Hacking Team RCS spyware came pre-loaded with an ‬Unified Extensible Firmware Interface ‪BIOS rootkit to hide itself on infected systems, it has emerged following the recent hacking of the controversial surveillance firm.‬

The spyware deployed by Hacking Team’s exploits are essentially remote-access Trojan horse programs designed to hoover up stored data from infected devices, giving the malware’s operator full control over victim machines.

This type of setup is very similar to the way spammers and cybercriminals design “botnets,” huge collections of hacked PCs that are harvested for valuable data and used for a variety of nefarious purposes.

No surprise, then, that Hacking Team placed its control servers in this case at an ISP that was heavily favored by spammers.

Hacking Team, the Italian spyware vendor, was hacked earlier this month, and 400GB of its internal data was released.

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Anonymous user 8 years
Experts find a third Hacking Team Flash Exploit, call for an end to the madness
Anonymous user 8 years
Hacking Team broke Bitcoin secrecy by targeting crucial wallet file
Anonymous user 8 years
Fake News App in Hacking Team Dump Designed to Bypass Google Play. Trend Micro researchers found a sample of a fake news app that appears to be designed to circumvent filtering in Google Play. The “BeNews” app is a backdoor app that uses the name of defunct news site “BeNews” to appear legitimate.
Sergey 8 years
Hacking Team was hacked two weeks ago and had its data published all over the Internet; the police allegedly suspect the involvement of former company insiders.
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